Our puppies are raised inside our home by our family for your family…

All puppies receive Neuroligical Stimulation from days 3-16. Handled from birth and exposed to all kinds of sights and sounds through Puppy Culture curriculum. We specialize in producing well rounded, confident, highly trainable and well socialized  puppies. Our puppies are placed in their new homes at 8 weeks of age after they have been vet checked.

Parents are certified with OFA and CERF.
Great personality and temperaments on all parent dogs.
 Check out our “LITTERS” page for info on planned litters
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Country Goldens go FAST
Puppies sold with our one year Health Guarantee
Sold with Limited Registration as Pets ONLY
with spay/neuter agreement
Out of AKC and OFA certified parent dogs.
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Buttercup and Lenny
Red Ribbon Male- 

Buttercup and Lenny 
Pink Ribbon Female –

Buttercup and Lenny -Purple Ribbon female

Available Now-Buttercup and Lenny puppies
DOB 12-20-22
Ocassionally, we breed Malcom, our Male American Labrador, with one of our certified Golden Gals… this cross gives us a near perfect dog.
Goldadors have proven to be a fantastic cross for Service training. So that is where the majority of our Goldador pups go. We have quite a few Goldadors currently in Service training or graduated and working as Service animals.
The Goldadors have proven to be Healthy, Well Tempered and Highly Trainable. We breed them on an as needed basis for the Service Dog organizations we work with, but always hold one or two back to offer as
“Started Pups”.
They are AWESOME!
If interested in this cross I can connect you to trainers and families that have them so you can confirm that these dogs are amazing!
Call today to see if one of these super started pups is a good fit for you!

(We have current puppies we are starting for 2023)
Started Puppies are priced according to their age and
the level of training they have received.
If you want to skip the “little” puppy stage, and get straight to a puppy that is ready to roll… then maybe a “started” pup is for you.
Started pups are 4-12 months old…
Crate Trained, started on potty training, sitting, downing and leash trained, socialized with other animals and children.
Up to date on Vaccines, Flea Control & Heartworm Prevenative
Call for more info if you are looking for the perfect Pup!
*1Year Health Guarantee
*Limited Registration
*Spay/Neuter agreement
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We have  relocated to Graysville, Tn. (near Chattanooga) We will still sell puppies to Florida buyers as we will be delivering our Service dog puppies  to Jacksonville already and would be able to bring other puppies as well. Please call or email me today to reserve your puppy… I would love to talk to you about our Country Goldens!
Have a Golden Day!


We often hold back a puppy or two from a litter to put some foundational training on. These puppies are socialized and worked with daily on Potty training, basic obedience, and walking politely on a leash.
As their training increases, so will their price.
If you are interested in an older puppy that is “started” please contact me so we can get one of these puppies reserved for you. LIMITED AVAILABILITY…

We also occasionally have adult retired Goldens (mostly Females) that need a forever home. Contact me if you are interested in a dog over the age of 5 for adoption.